Trying to build a digital marketing business but tired of the revenue yo-yos? 
Go from unable to find leads or communicate your value to the ability to choose clients and pry back your time. 
In order to run a successful digital marketing business you need a balance between operations and sales & marketing.

There's no point selling people into something that sucks and - by the same token - being the best kept secret is the fastest way to go bankrupt.

The ability to generate the right kind of leads is - in many ways - the lifeblood of your business. If you experience intense revenue yo-yos, if you charge less than your value, and if leads keep asking to speak to previous clients, you most likely have a prospecting issue happening in your business. 

The Incubator is an eight week online intensive that will show you how to position yourself in a market where your perfect customer is giving you 3 secs of their time. How to calculate and communicate your price and avoid pricing wars completely. How to build up your portfolio and set up documents for your onboarding processes. And how to funnel those you can most help straight into your inbox. 
Imagine This....
  • ​​You had a strong portfolio and could easily overcome the "how can I trust you" objection...
  • ​You were able to say no to less than ideal leads and only take on perfect clients...
  • You had a steady stream of leads coming in and were able to scale your revenues to $20K month...
  • You were clear on your niche and prices and positioned yourself as an expert in your space...
Presented by Cat Howell
Alumni Wins... 
"I fired a toxic client and now have 2-3 discovery calls coming in each week. Only working with my ideal clients from now on!"
Kayla now has her online presence set up to position her as an expert and has more confidence saying no to the wrong kinds of clients. 

"I increased the monthly dues for two of my clients by 50%!"
I’m a single full-time mom to two amazing boys, doing it solely on my own. I am a Marketing Director for a legit e-comm store that bring in a monthly revenue of 1.7M, and I also own my own consulting firm with a handful of clients that I’ve maintained through the years. In essence, there is not enough time in the day… 

[Since joining the Incubator] I’ve created a strong portfolio that showcases the quality of my work, I restructured my pricing and put practices into place for growth (can’t wait to scale) and I increased the monthly dues for two of my clients by 50% (Started August 1)"

- Carrie Matlin

"I went from not having very many leads or sales calls to [in the matter of eight weeks] getting 3-4 leads per week!"
Nik D. spends an hour per day on his pipeline and is now able to generate high quality leads for his business! 
Ideal for... 
Freelancers or agency owners who... 
  • Just getting started out or doing under $20K/mth in revenues...
  • Don't have case studies or testimonials... 
  • Not sure who or which niche to work with...
  • ​Are unsure about their pricing and how to value their services...
"I didn't want anyone interfering with our business but within a couple of weeks we had a niche sorted and started to grow..."
Emma J. went from being brand new to the agency space to having a set up ready for growth! 
What's inside... 
The Incubator is an 8 week intensive for freelancers or agency owners who need to set up lead generation pipelines for their businesses. The goal is to scale revenues to $20K/mth and the program serves as a stepping stone into the Academy (where we then show you how to get to $100K/mths).
1. Niching & positioning 
Find your corner of the market and dominate it. We'll help you to nail down your niche and messaging so that your prospecting pipelines attract only the right kind of leads into your business. 
2. Agency prospecting strategies 
Based on your own competencies, we'll show you various strategies used across the world by freelancers and agency owners to attract high quality leads and then support you as you roll out and customise the prospecting method best suited to you. 
3. Automated lead generation funnel 
Once you've established your first prospecting pipeline and messaging (based on your own strengths and weaknesses) we'll show you how to automate your efforts using an online funnel. This will create a lead "tap" for your business, helping ot hit the next revenue target even faster! 
4. Agency documents & online web templates 
To help you hit the ground even faster, you'll gain access to all of Cat Howell's agency's internal documents - including: pricing documents, pitching decks, and proposal templates. On top of this you'll have access to a plug and play online portfolio and Wordpress website theme template that you can quickly customise using your new messaging.  
5. Support 
Not only do you have access to a full team of industry expert coaches - there to help you with your messaging and prospecting efforts - but you'll also have access to a weekly funnel review support call (where the team can help you to troubleshoot your automated funnel) as well as a monthly group call reviewing different strategies to help you grow!
6. Meetups & Community  
Looking for a tribe of like-minded individuals to help you strategise and support you in your journey?  You'll not only gain access to a private community but will also be able to tap into monthly global meetups and additional perks! 
"8 weeks ago...I was struggling to even get prospects to set up a call with me. Let alone actually signing them up as a client. I had a vision of a successful agency when my reality was far from it.

...The incubator taught me how to tap into a pipeline of leads and that was super valuable.Not only that but, my confidence as a Facebook marketer has skyrocketed.
I can safely say, that I no longer feel imposter syndrome when I talk to clients!"

- Nik Delgado 
Developed by Industry Leader Cat Howell
And supported by her own team - their sole purpose, to help you build up your freelancing or agency business.
Everything you learn inside has been incubated, tested and processed inside Cat's own agency (Eight Loop Social). 

Meaning - you are learning processes that are being used by actual agencies and freelancers across the world. 

The program has been built with the intention to help you build a foundation of leads in your business from which you can scale from. 

If you're wanting to be the best there is in the industry AND set yourself up with case studies and paid gigs, this is the tribe for you!  

Carrie Peterson, Superior Reach 
The Incubator program is AMAZING!  Systems and outsourcing are two ways I wanted to expand our agency growth. I now have made huge strides and am building my team.

The coaches, systems and support from fellow group members have helped me and my agency.

The coaches are so authentic and relatable, always putting the students first in a humble and kind way. Even though I know they are some of the best marketers and coaches out there!

Thank you Cat and team for the teaching, support and systems! 
Meet your new team... 
Derek is the Founder of Horizons Digital Marketing.  He gets an average response rate of 10% from outreach strategies and shows you exactly how to craft these! 
Karen is the owner of Brand Central Marketing, she's scaled medspas, gyms, dentists, yoga studios and runs a team of five. She's spent the last two years mentoring students inside Cat's higher level Academy. 
Cole is the Founder of Planet Convert, an Austin based agency. He's been able to land some of the world's largest influencers as clients using the methods he teaches inside. 
Matt is the CEO and Founder of Guide Social and a coach inside the Agency Academy - he understands the bottlenecks you are facing and brings to the table strategic direction and advice to help you navigate these. 
Brandon is a seasoned digital marketer specializing in Coaching Funnels and B2B Lead Generation. He's published lead generation training on LinkedIn and offers both coaching and paid media services.
$1,797 $1,297
or 2 x payments of $697 
  • Prospecting Strategies (including automated funnel template)
  • Agency Documents (pricing, proposals, pitch decks, portfolios and case studies) 
  • Pricing & Niching training 
  • Support & Private Community + global meet up access 
In order to succeed as a freelancer or agency owner you’ll need to find the balance between sales & marketing and operations (service delivery). The Incubator is all about helping you to set up pipelines and eliminate lead generation as a bottleneck in your business! 
Beating out other agencies!
Taking over a GLOBAL BRAND'S entire social media!
Even paying off Student Loans in lump sums!
David Mitchell - 1st Incubator generation
I can not recommend the incubator program enough! At first I was a bit hesitant, having already been running my agency (or so I called an agency) for 2 years I saw it as a step back in a sense. This couldn't be further from the truth. 

It showed how to go back to the basics and set my business up with the proper processes and professionalism it needed to make it an ACTUAL AGENCY. The support from the Eight Loop team and everyone else is incomparable to anything else out there. After 8 weeks I am more than confident in the foundation they helped me lay for my business and the processes they helped me put in place to actively be bringing in new client leads. 

A HUGE thanks to Cat, her team, and everyone else in the program.
Is this only for FB Freelancers? - No-It is suited to any freelancer or agency owner looking to build up revenues inside their business so they can finally get to a stage where they can start to bring on support. 

What can I expect from taking this program? -  You'll be able to generate leads from prospecting strategies, scale your revenues and gain clarity around your pricing & niche. 

Are there any support calls? -  Yes, we run a monthly support call where you can ask the experts for help on how to build your business. You also have access to all of our mentors inside a private Facebook support group, for any questions - we are here to make sure you succeed! 

How long is the program? -  You get access for 8 weeks to a private support community, however you will get access to the training portal for five years.

What's the global meet ups all about - As a member you unlock access to private global events happening each month.  This are a great way to connect with people that will transform your business and life. You can find details o the schedule of upcoming events under the member's area. 

STILL GOT QUESTIONS?  Send us an email at 
Access to top coaches and experts, community and support?  Why, yes!
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